Drunken texting is always a risky business, especially if the person on the receiving end happens to be an ex. It might seem like a great idea after a few rum and cokes, but chances are you’ll regret it in the morning. Just ask 19 year-old rising R&B starlet, Mahalia – whose latest single, Sober, is all about the perils of inebriated texting.

Over a chilled, boom-bap beat, Mahalia leaves her ex in no doubt that now she’s sobered up, she’s not interested. Produced by Maths Time Joy, the track has a real retro 90’s-R&B feel to it and is the perfect introduction to Mahalia’s smooth vocals.

Talking about the track, Mahalia explained “I’m one of those muppets who has a drink and lays everything out on the table in a messy text or call. Not one of my best qualities, but I wanted to write about it. I’ve been in a couple relationships where I just felt like I was so blinded by love, I couldn’t see what they were doing to me. Alcohol is the one thing that always brought my emotions to the surface. ‘Sober’ is about the wake-up. The realisation. That moment when you finally understand that it was all bullshit.”

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