January is often one of the quietest months in the musical calendar, especially when it comes to new releases. Whether it’s because artists are experiencing extended hangovers from the festive season, or a lack of musical inspiration due to attempting dry January, I can’t be sure. But it does give us a nice opportunity to look back and revisit what 2014 had to offer.

Last April Breen (aka Matt Lamb) released his debut single ‘Say What you Want’. Its a beautiful electro-soul track, layered with clever vocal harmonies and downtempo beats.

This was followed up by the second single ‘Make Sense’, released in September. This lovely track earned him a spin on BBC Radio 1 and the music video, directed by Charlie James Reader, was shared on La Belle Musique’s Youtube channel, amassing over 250,000 plays.

Breen has certainly proved his ability to produce catchy, soulful tunes and I look forward to hearing more from him in 2015.

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