Armed with a simply breathtaking falsetto, Ireland’s Talos has been wowing crowds across Europe ever since breaking out back in 2014. We’ve been desperate to get him on to the Mahogany Sessions ever since we were first introduced to his music, but weren’t able to make it happen for various. That all changes today however, with Talos making his Mahogany debut with a jaw-droppingly good performance of In Time.

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And if you’re in the US, you can catch Talos performing live on the following dates:

03/15 – Austin, TX – The Velveeta Rooms (1 AM)
03/16 – Austin, TX – BD Reilly’s (1:40 PM)
03/17 – Austin, TX – Elysium (9 PM)
03/20 – Los Angeles, CA – No Vacancy (10 PM)