I’ve been struggling all morning to explain the kind of music that East London’s Alfa Mist is making. As a producer and beatmaker Alfa Mist’s style seems to deftly straddle all kinds of genres from hip hop, classical, soul, jazz, and electronica. But none of those genres really do justice to what listening to Alfa Mist sounds like. There is a slightly sombre, classical note to much of the production, but the beats are big enough to command that your head nods, and then there’s the delivery of all those guest vocalists; completely soulful.

So, in terms of categorising Alfa Mist,  I’m not going to try. What you do need to know is that he is an exceptionally talented producer, and his latest release Nocturne is truly accomplished. Collaborating with equally talented vocalists and rappers on each track, our current picks are the soul drenched ‘No Peace’ with Tom Misch, Emmavie on ‘Pillows’ and the moodier UK hip hop flavour of Lester Duval on ‘Closer’.

The Nocturne EP is available now on Alfa Mist’s bandcamp.