The sounds produced by London-based multi-instrumental virtuoso, Jack Garratt, first hit the airwaves thanks to BBC Introducing in 2012. Since then, his music has breathed life in to millions, with songs that serve as an inspiration for many aspiring artists. It’s hard not to ponder where his inspiration comes from.

Fortunately for us, tomorrow marks the day Garratt will be unveiling a brand new track that will bring us a step closer to understanding what makes him tick.

This new track, fittingly entitled “Breathe Life”, is subtly poignant. It stays true to previous genre-blending songs that I’ve devoted countless hours listening to, and yet it still feels like a complete reinvention of his sound. The song is composed of low-key, raw moments pushing the lyrics to the forefront, and an artful progression of drum beats intensifying the core sentiment of loss as Garratt pleads: “Oh won’t you breathe life into these dead lungs I keep under my coat”.

Listenting to his track over headphones is undeniably powerful, but absolutely nothing compares to seeing Garratt live on stage as he transfixes the audience with his genius. And although we will never be able to fully understand the source and workings of this genius, we can find solace in the glimpses behind the mystery with tracks like “Breathe Life”.

If this song is truly a taste of what’s to come February 19th 2016, when Garratt releases his album ‘Phase’, then I eagerly await these harmonized glimpses into the musical muses behind Jack Garratt.