Sunil Heera aka Stoke-on-Trent based producer XO has recently released a contender for mixtape of the summer. ‘Those Who Wander’ is a sultry collection of interwoven electro soul tracks that brings his electronica, RnB and soul influences together as a beautiful half hours ‘listening. The mixtape is XO’s first full body of musical work. Having already achieved plenty of critical success with earlier EP releases, Heera has said “I explored and experimented a lot more – sonically and lyrically. The idea was for each individual track to be unqiue but at the same time, flow in to one another”.

Stand out tracks are ‘Divine Disaster’ with James Chatham – a jerky, synth driven pop-soul track with a heavy RnB influenced vocal line, and the driven electro-ballad ‘Holdin’ On’ which breaks down into an unexpected but rather infectious guitar solo.